Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tips to Improve Your Interior Design

Everybody wants there home to be perfect and for it to looks good! Think about it, you love your space and how it feels, looks and flows and your friend comments on you interior design skills while you get to stand there in the light taking all the praise. Both are bound to bring a smile to anyone face and both are a plus! Here are my few tips to give you a helping hand.



Consider your space, they layout of the room could potentially make or break your interior design. Using patterns and lines can really increase space and equally decrease it if you're not careful (unless you want that of course). You want your room to have a sense of space and not to seem cramped and too small. This brings me nicely onto my next point.


Lets get to the most important part. Colours will either work or they won't, there is no middle ground on the subject. Consider your choice of colours wisely, anything going on the walls especially. Light colours give the feel and effect of the room being bigger, light and airy where as the darker colours can give the opposite affect. I'm not saying always go light as that would be totally the wrong thing to do but experiment and make your own creations.


Matching furniture is always best but it is not a rule. The key here would be to make the room flow, make sure nothing looks out of place and it is not an eye sore. If anything looks out of place or doesn't fit in then you need to reconsider your choices. The best tip i could offer you in this situation would be to take a look round other rooms in your house and see where it would go, or maybe you could even swap it with something else!
Just a few little tips to help you but i promise you they are worth knowing and really effective when it comes to interior design!
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